Hair Transplant

Hair transplant treatment is not just about transplanting. In the treatment of hair transplantation, extra treatments such as PRP are also included. Of course, as in every procedure, the suitability of the body of the person requesting the treatment is examined in detail in the treatment of hair transplantation. Anyone who chooses The CHB guarantee has the chance to get the most appropriate treatment by getting guidance from experts in the field.

The grafts collected in DHI hair transplantation are placed on the needles containing the implantation process without opening the channels with the implanter used, and the direct transplantation phase is started. This sequence of procedures is the most important point that distinguishes DHI hair transplant technique (Unshaved Hair Transplantation) from other techniques. In other words, it is the implantation of hair directly to the area to be transplanted without opening the channel.

The channel opening stage of the sapphire FUE hair transplantation (follicular unit extraction) technique is performed with tips made of sapphire, a very precious ore. It is one of the most preferred treatment techniques.

Although unshaved hair transplantation is frequently demanded by women who do not want to shave their hair, it is also very important for some men. Normal hair transplant techniques are used. The only difference is that the hair is transplanted without shaving. Since the process is carried out on long-haired areas, it takes much longer. Hair loss risks that may occur in full unshaved hair transplants are higher than shaved hair transplants.

In Robotic Hair Transplantation, the hair in the donor area of the patient is not taken by hand as in the standard FUE technique, but by machines that we can describe as robots. The physician performs the channel opening and the placement of the grafts. Thanks to the technologies used in this method, the exit angles of the hair inside the hair follicles from the scalp can be determined.

PRP is the abbreviated name for the treatment method called “Platelet RichPlasma-Platelet enriched plasma application”. PRP application is often applied to the face and scalp, but can also be applied to the neck, décolleté area, hands and other body parts. PRP application, which is a new skin rejuvenation method, has been developed in recent years. In the PRP method, 8- 20 cc blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged.

The serum obtained in the treatment of PRP is injected into the skin in tiny small amounts and widely, like mesotherapy. When any damage occurs in our tissues, our blood starts a repair process by collecting clot cells into this tissue. The purpose of PRP application is to give much more clot cells to the target tissue than can be transported by blood circulation. Thus, the repair of the target tissue begins quickly and strongly and results faster. The density of platelets in the serum obtained by the PRP method is 2-4 times higher than in blood.

It is done by transferring the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the beardless area. Although beard transplantation is a procedure performed for people with sparse beards for densification, it is also performed on people who have no beard for various reasons.

The application is carried out just like in hair transplantation. First, hair follicles are taken from the donor area (usually the nape area) as in hair transplantation.